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Beer Christianity (the newsletter) provides commentary from a politically left, theologically orthodox, culturally alternative perspective. It’s mostly written by Jonty Langley, host of the Beer Christianity podcast.

Tell me about the newsletter

Beer Christianity (the newsletter) will come out once a week (perhaps more often if there’s a burning issue) and provide an article, usually an opinion piece, sometimes an interview, occasionally some exclusive audio, produced or curated by Jonty Langley.

Expect ‘far’ left politics, chill Christian perspectives, snarky humour, irritation at hot takes from ‘not that kind of Christian’ post-evangelicals and opinions that look a lot like hot takes from ‘not that kind of Christian’ post-evangelicals BUT ARE SO MUCH BETTER.

It may include some stuff from the podcast, but the newsletter is its own thing, so you really don’t need to listen to follow.

Subjects likely to be covered: News, UK politics, American politics, church culture, cool stuff on the internet, things from the Beer Christianity podcast, other religions, apologetics, mental health, Christian art and music, inclusive Church, economics, philosophy, human rights, mission, theology, literature, poetry, climate change, LGBTQ issues, faith, poverty, socialism, liberalism, alternative music, comedy and other things that seem interesting. Feel free to suggest a topic!

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Who the hell is Jonty Langley and why should I care what he has to say?

Jonathan ‘Jonty’ Langley is a writer, commentator and podcast host. He was for many years the weekly news columnist for The Baptist Times newspaper in the UK, where he’d regularly feature on the letters pages alongside demands for his resignation. There was once an entire Baptist message board dedicated to loathing him.

He has also served as a Contributing Editor for Christianity magazine (now Premier Christianity, where he still occasionally blogs), and wrote news, reviews, features and opinion columns. He got letters there, too.

As a Huffington Post UK blogger he wrote comedy, culture reviews, political and religious commentary, but they started rejecting his more overtly religious pieces shortly before they shut up shop in Blighty.

Jonty edited Mission Catalyst magazine for the Baptist Missionary Society (called BMS World Mission while he worked there) from 2012 to 2020, creating a challenging, witty, intelligent mag intended to broaden and deepen thinking among ministers and Christian leaders. You would not believe the letters he got for some issues.

Jonty was also involved with a lovely website called Threads that the Evangelical Alliance put out for a while, wrote a LOT for Christian Today and has spent a fair amount of time on news commentary shows on BBC stations like this as well as Premier Christian Radio. He’s spoken at Greenbelt festival and the Premier Digital conference and hosted Mission Catalyst live online conference (Catalyst Lite, featuring Stanley Hauerwas).

That’s who Jonty is. Why you should subscribe to the newsletter is anyone’s guess. But if you like to have your views alternately challenged and amusingly articulated, you may enjoy this newsletter.

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About the podcast

Jonty started the Beer Christianity podcast in 2019 because he was tired of listening to right-wing, squeaky-clean Christian podcasts and thought what the evangelical world really needed was hosts who swore frequently, passionately supported socialism and sometimes got drunk. It has not turned into a money-spinner.

It does have a lot of listeners around the world, though, and has been described as ‘an expression of trinitarian love’; ‘hilarious and wise’; ‘like listening to friends down the pub talk about God, but smarter’ and ‘technically a podcast’. Each episode runs to about an hour and featured interviews have included Noam Chomsky, Occupy Wall Street and Adbusters founder Kalle Lasn and the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

Beer Christianity is currently hosted by Jonty Langley, with Gen Z writer Laura Durrant and graphic/video designer and recovering Scottish Calvinist Malky Currie.

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A progressive Christian take on thought, news and culture. Mostly written by Beer Christianity podcast host Jonty Langley.


Faith, hops and love. Left wing politics, progressive faith that doesn't throw out the baby with the font water. Beer and honesty.